This is my personal site, and here you will find downloads and screenshots of various projects I've worked on. I'm an amateur video game programmer from the United States and most of my work is for the NES. Everything is open source and GPL licensed so you can look around at how it works and even make/distribute modifications if you wish.
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Nova the Squirrel screenshot
Nova the Squirrel (work-in-progress)

Nova the Squirrel is an NES game that stars Nova Storm, a green squirrel, who ends up in a strange world at a convenient time, and has to use her new abilities to save it. It's a platformer that mostly focuses on Kirby-style ability copying and puzzle mechanics.

In addition to creating a rad game, the goal of this project is to develop the Princess Engine (named because its goal is similar to President) into something that's that's a useful base for other people who want to make NES platformer games. This engine will provide something much more legal to play with than hacking a game in the Mario series. In addition, unlike with Super Mario World, all the tools as well as the game itself are completely open source, and GPL licensed.

GitHub repository

NetPuzzleArena screenshot
Net Puzzle Arena is the spiritual sequel to freepuzzlearena. It will be a collection of cross-platform action puzzle games with online multiplayer. The primary focus is making a way to play a mostly accurate version of Puzzle League online. Work in progress.
GitHub repository

Building Game screenshot
Building Game
A recreation of the old BYOND "building game" genre of games. Needs a better name, but so far players can connect, walk around, and build on a map together. Later players will be able to create their own maps with permission settings they choose, and upload their own graphics and player sprites. Work in progress.
GitHub repository

FHBG SDL screenshot
Forehead Block Guy SDL
A C rewrite of my earlier
Forehead Block Guy for NES that I wrote in 2011, except a lot cooler and way less buggy. This is a simple platformer where you go around launching blocks from your forehead (hence the name) in order to defeat enemies. Some levels involve defeating all the enemies on a level and some require you to collect a certain number of Doritos.
This is still unfinished, as I started running out of ideas after I finished the first world and with the new, more complex level format I never finished the level editor. I was originally writing this for the nD but since that's dead I'm not sure what to do with it now, and if I was going to make a game like this for a non-NES platform I'd probably make DABG instead.
Download (with source)

SkiFree POOP VERSION screenshot
This is just the classic SkiFree with lots of pictures changed with a resource editor to make it have poop and Doritos and Obama and stuff in place of what's normally there.
Download (2012)

DABG screenshot
Double Action Blaster Guys
A platformer very similar to FHBG except back on the NES and with up to two players. Includes over 25 enemy types, a large assortment of block types, 52 levels and three or four different level goal types as well a level editor.
Download (with source, 2014)
Download (old version, with source, 2013)
GitHub repository
Get it on a cart (along with Sliding Blaster, NES Life 64x32 and other peoples' NES stuff

Sliding Blaster screenshot
Sliding Blaster
An overhead shooter game for NES inspired by Ballmaster2, with a level editor and 10 stages, and co-op ability. Also supports the SNES mouse on Nintendulator.
Download (with source, 2014)
GitHub repository

Conway's Life screenshot
NES Life
Very fast implementation of Conway's Life for the NES with a 32x32 grid. Originally I wanted to reverse engineer how Video Life manages to be so fast but then I decided to just try and make a Life that takes advantage of how much more space you get in an NES cart.
Download (with source, 2013)
GitHub repository

Conway's Life 64x32 screenshot
NES Life 64x32
An implementation of Conway's Life for NES that's slower but has twice as big of a grid, and lets you choose between different rulesets.
Download (with source, 2014)
GitHub repository

Forehead Block Guy screenshot
Forehead Block Guy
My first complete NES game that led to DABG and that sucks and has horrible code, and that I wrote when I was 15. I'd recommend checking out the
SDL version or just playing DABG which has most of the same gameplay.
Download (with source, 2011)

Sound effect editor screenshot
Sound effect editor
Sound effect editor and previewer for games that use the sound engine from Thwaite. About 3 kilobytes in size. I recommend
the editor by Tepples instead.
Download (with source, 2014)

Mario Funk
Mario Funk
A really old hack of Super Mario Bros that changes all the levels, lots of palettes, graphics and even the music. There's a mix of a disco theme with Youtube Poop theme and this was the first game of mine to have flying cheeseburger enemies.
Download (IPS patch, 2008)

Joshcraft screenshot
Joshcraft 83+
This is a very simplistic tile-based platformer for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ graphing calculators where you can walk around and place/remove tiles on a 48x16 map, which you can save or load to 9 slots. Oh, and you can draw up to 16 of your own block types.
Download (with source, 2012)

Not games

Rules for Golly
Rules for Golly
Download (2010?)

A small coprocessor meant to fit in the PowerPak's FPGA.
GitHub project

A converter that takes Famitracker text output files and turns them into files to use with the Pently music engine.
GitHub project

Ikachan notes
I figured out what all the scripting commands in Ikachan do and made a table of all of them.
View (2010)

An implementation of FALSE with somewhat cleaner code and more features than the official portable implementation of FALSE.
Source (2011)

A really sloppily written converter that takes XChat scrollbacks and outputs HTML files to have online IRC logs.
Source (2012)

Collection of Famitracker FDS instruments
Exactly what the title implies.
Download (2010)


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