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My biggest passions are in worldbuilding and character design, as well as game development. I especially like old game consoles and old computers in general. So naturally all of these end up overlapping!

I love the "16-bit" era of gaming (especially the SNES) and the whole idea of platformer mascot characters, and my character Nova is supposed to fit into that. So it's really cool to me to get to make games starring her and my other characters that actually run on the consoles those kinds of characters would have appeared on.

Other reasons I like making games for old consoles include how old consoles have basically become a portable platform for games at this point due to the abundance of emulators and clone consoles. I also think it's really neat that I can take modern ideas about game design and put them on older consoles. I think the way that some modern games go out of their way to avoid being frustrating is great and I try to follow that myself. Plus, it's just really cool to see something I made running on a platform that's important to me!

My favorite console is the SNES and I played Kirby Super Star, Tetris Attack, and Yoshi's Island a lot as a kid. I really enjoy platformer and puzzle games in general, as well as games that mix the two. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is also a really big favorite.

Here's a lot of games I like, as well as games that influenced me a lot (no particular order):

Non-game interests include My Little Pony (especially generation 3 and 4), Care Bears, and Bionicle. I really like series that focus on cool per-character theming and abilities, and per-character symbols.


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