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Nova the Squirrel 2 screenshot
Nova the Squirrel 2 is in development for the SNES. It is planned to have a stronger storyline focusing on Nova as well as a unique mouse named Maffi. This game intends on taking advantage of the better graphical capabilities of the SNES. I often post about updates on Twitter.
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Tilemap Town screenshot
Tilemap Town
See its page for more information and a link to play on the development server!
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Nova the Squirrel screenshot

Nova the Squirrel is a platformer game for the NES that draws inspiration from a lot of games I enjoyed as a kid. It's the biggest project I have ever finished and I'm very proud of it. It features ability copying and focuses on interesting puzzle mechanics.

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DABG screenshot
Double Action Blaster Guys
A platformer very similar to FHBG except back on the NES and with up to two players. Includes over 25 enemy types, a large assortment of block types, 52 levels and three or four different level goal types as well a level editor.
Download (with source, 2014)
Download (old version, with source, 2013)
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Get it on a cart (along with Sliding Blaster, NES Life 64x32 and other peoples' NES stuff

Sliding Blaster screenshot
Sliding Blaster
An overhead shooter game for NES inspired by Ballmaster2, with a level editor and 10 stages, and co-op ability. Also supports the SNES mouse on Nintendulator.
Download (with source, 2014)
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PC games

NetPuzzleArena screenshot
Net Puzzle Arena is the spiritual sequel to freepuzzlearena. It will be a collection of cross-platform action puzzle games with online multiplayer. The primary focus is making a way to play a mostly accurate version of Puzzle League online. Work in progress hasn't been worked on in a long time though, as other projects (like Nova the Squirrel 2) take priority.
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FHBG SDL screenshot
Forehead Block Guy SDL
A C rewrite of my earlier Forehead Block Guy for NES that I wrote in 2011, specifically for the nD handheld console that turned out to be vaporware. It's better than the NES version and introduces stages that require collecting a certain number of Doritos to finish. Unfinished and probably won't come back to it.
Download (with source)

Conway's Life implementations

Conway's Life screenshot
NES Life
Very fast implementation of Conway's Life for the NES with a 32x32 grid. Originally I wanted to reverse engineer how Video Life manages to be so fast but then I decided to just try and make a Life that takes advantage of how much more space you get in an NES cart.
Download (with source, 2013)
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Conway's Life 64x32 screenshot
NES Life 64x32
An implementation of Conway's Life for NES that's slower but has twice as big of a grid, and lets you choose between different rulesets.
Download (with source, 2014)
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Conway's Life for Game Boy screenshot
Conway's Life for Game Boy
This is a fast version of Conway's Life for Game Boy. It has a 32x32 grid and uses the same algorithm as the 32x32 NES version. Supports Game Boy Color, allowing you to switch to double speed mode, and has a 64x64 grid mode that doesn't currently work.
Download (2018)
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Forehead Block Guy screenshot
Forehead Block Guy
My first "real" game I released online and programmed completely by myself when I was 15. Not great, but provided for curiosity's sake. A Game Boy Color remake was started on, but paused since I don't think it's really a great fit for that platform. See also the SDL version.
Download (with source, 2011)

Sound effect editor screenshot
Sound effect editor
Sound effect editor and previewer for games that use the sound engine from Thwaite. About 3 kilobytes in size. I recommend the editor by Tepples instead.
Download (with source, 2014)

Mario Funk
Mario Funk
A really old hack of Super Mario Bros that changes all the levels, lots of palettes, graphics and even the music. There's a mix of a disco theme with Youtube Poop theme and this was the first game of mine to have flying cheeseburger enemies.
Download (IPS patch, 2008)

Joshcraft screenshot
Joshcraft 83+
This is a very simplistic tile-based platformer for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ graphing calculators where you can walk around and place/remove tiles on a 48x16 map, which you can save or load to 9 slots. Oh, and you can draw up to 16 of your own block types.
Download (with source, 2012)