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Rules for Golly
Rules for Golly

Rules: Download (2010?)

A small coprocessor meant to fit in the PowerPak's FPGA.
GitHub project

Multi-platform chat bot especially meant for platforms that support webhooks.
GitHub project

A converter that takes Famitracker text output files and turns them into files to use with the Pently music engine.
GitHub project

Ikachan notes
I figured out what all the scripting commands in Ikachan do and made a table of all of them.
View (2010)

An implementation of FALSE with somewhat cleaner code and more features than the official portable implementation of FALSE.
Source (2011)

A long time ago I ran an XChat-based bot. This converts XChat's scrollback files to HTML though it could use a lot of improvement.
Source (2012)

Collection of Famitracker FDS instruments
I made these ages ago and they're free to use.
Download (2010)