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Tilemap Town

Collaborative map-building hangout

  • Movement: Arrow keys/WASD
  • Placing tiles: click on "Inventory" to open it, and click on the tile you want to place.
  • Selecting tiles: click and drag on the map. You can then delete the selected area. Esc will cancel the selection.

For the full list, see the repository. This section will list common commands.

/me text
Do a pose/action in the area you're at.

/roll dice sides
Do a dice roll.

/nick newname
Change your nickname.

/tell user message
Private message a user. You may click on a private message to reply to it quickly.

List all users on the map.

List all users on the server.

List public maps that have users on them.

List all public maps.

/login username password
/register username password
/changepass password
Manage your account. A registered account is required for many things, and a map owner may restrict privileges to only registered users. Importantly, an account will store the last location you were at and save all your character information.