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Picture of Maffi Gender: female
Species: SNES mouse
Home: Ft.Toast
Job: Digital artist


This mouse's main gimmick is that her tail ends in a SNES controller plug, and it can be plugged into a SNES or anything that has the correctly shaped port. Plugging into a regular computer will require an adapter. This allows her to have high amounts of precision as a digital artist as she just has to think about what she's drawing and the shapes she's putting down rather than having to also move a mouse or stylus with her paw.

Because of her natural skill at getting things down on a canvas and her creativity, she's called on to draw lots of things and she makes it her main source of income. Aside from creating art she also likes to play a lot of video games, where she's not given quite as much of an edge.


She is a gray mouse with purple ears and a long black tail that ends in a SNES controller plug. She has darker gray hair.


She enjoys creating art and is very imaginative, and her main motivation for going on adventures is to see the world and take in all the unique sights for inspiration.


A SNES-to-PC controller adapter, and a special tablet computer that her tail can fit into.


In addition to being able to interface with things using her tail, she can switch to a smaller size whenever she wants in order to make her tail fit into things, or just to be small. This is actually just a specific example of a more generalized ability, which is to apply affine transformations to herself or others (the "affi" in her name) which allows her to rotate, scale, mirror and more.

She can also store data on her, and she can call up anything stored as if it were a memory, being able to visualize stored pictures with all of the details which helps greatly for art references. This can also go in the other direction, and she can make a file of a memory in order to share something she saw or heard with someone else. She also has an inventory for storing items.


This is a temporary pixel-art reference for Maffi.