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Picture of Rebecca Gender: female
Species: beaver taur
Home: ???
Job: Architect/Builder


This beaver does not build dams. Instead she builds just about everything else! She tends to keep a variety of materials on-hand in her inventory and she takes pride in the buildings and sculptures she creates.

Rebecca likes exploring to gather nice looking or rare materials to create things out of.


Rebecca is an orange beaver taur with green eyes and very long green hair.


Rebecca is really cool and strong, and is very public with this. She's nice to everyone, and she's very excited and interested to see what kind of building designs others have made. She shares her building materials with others and wants to make sure everyone has access to what they need in order to play with creating things.


Rebecca tends to carry lots of different building materials as well a giant hammer, which she uses to break things apart to gather building materials from them. She has perfected a skill she calls the "biggest bash" which allows her to clear out a very large area with the hammer at once.


As a video game character, Rebecca has standard video game trope abilities, like having an inventory and respawning. She has a lot more inventory space than normal due to her size, and she's more than capable of carrying someone on her back. She's very strong.


By Cervelet

By Princessnapped