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Rosy Sky

Picture of Sherbet Gender: female
Species: winged fox
Home: ???
Job: Friendship hero


Rosy is part of an organization that intervenes in serious problems having to do with friendship and sharing your feelings and such, like a Care Bear. She originally met Nova during one of these friendship quests that was too big for her alone.


Rosy Sky is a pretty pink winged fox with a large red heart on her tummy.


Rosy has a really caring and almost motherly personality. She really wants to help everyone be as happy as they can and she tries to promote friendships and love. She's also very adventurous and she loves flying. She's a big fan of sugary things and candy and she eats them a lot.


Rosy always carries a lot of candy with her for snacking on.


Rosy has an inventory due to being a video game character. She can also fly with the big wings on her back. The heart on her tummy is magical and she can use it for "Care Bear Stare"-like stuff. It could potentially be the focus of some other abilities of Rosy's as well.


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