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Picture of Sherbet Gender: female
Species: fox taur
Job: Frozen dessert shop
Element: Ice


Sherbet runs a frozen dessert shop, made using ingredients she grows herself in her garden. She's very into gardening and she likes helping pretty flowers grow in addition to berries and other fruits.


Sherbet is a fox taur with rainbow sherbet coloring - specifically green fur, pink/red hair and usually an orange shirt to complete it.


Sherbet is a very excitable and energetic fox who's very eager to make friends. She's especially very excited to meet other taurs, and she loves giving taur fans rides on her back.


Sherbet tends to carry a watering can and other gardening tools, as well as plant seeds.


Sherbet has ice magic! She also has access to a video game style inventory.


By Cervelet

By Princessnapped